Music events
Lights all night Music Festival 2019 (Saratonin)
Lights All night Music Festival 2020 (Com3t Music)
Nightfall Music Festival 2018 (Media Team)
Nightfall Music Festival 2019 (Media Team)
Asteria arts and Music Festival 2019 (Media Team)
Freaky Deaky Houston 2019 (EDM BLOG/ Media)
Illfest at the Drive-in 2020
AbelFest 2019
Charlesthefirst curated event - WY 2021 (media Team)
Asteria arts and music festival 2021 (media Team)
Mad Mountain Music Festival 2021 (Media Team)
beyond existence 2021 (media team)
Lost Lands music Festival 2021 (Various Artists)

Music promo Companies 
Afterdark entertainment
veridian management
All Out Entertainment
Limelight events
nocturnal waves
zen vibes
mark my words (Good Vibes Entertainment)
Prime Night Culture
ham presents
baked up!

Other credits
Former Writer/Photographer for Trillvo (1 Year, over 60 articles written)
Former In-house glass photographer at third coast headies
studied music business/talent management at san Antonio college

 Published On
Bassrush Records
Never Say Die Records
Never say Die records: black label
FRSHblood (Buygore records)
spotify (Vctre's profile)
trillvo (blog)
Conscious electronic (blog)
River beats (blog)

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